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Our certified attorney and home inspector provide extra security during move-in and move-out




We marketed, we screened, and we found you the perfect renter. Now it’s time to move them in.





A board-certified real estate attorney will prepare a custom lease for your property. You’ll have the option to add specific requests into the lease because we want to make sure we cover all your concerns. Once we’ve verified that the lease meets your approval, we’ll present it to your tenant.


Next, our in-house, HVAC-certified home inspector will perform a thorough check-in inspection with your tenant. During this process, the inspector will take pictures of your property, document any issues, and file a full report on our owner portal for easy reference at any time.



For move-in, we require your tenant’s first, last months rent and security deposit that is equal to at least one month rent. We handle all financial transactions and will let you know when we’ve received the required payments for move-in.


If you don’t want to allow pets on your property, simply let us know, and our attorney will specify that stipulation in the lease. For everyone’s safety and comfort, we enforce breed restrictions on dogs. If your property does allow pets, we require the tenant to pay a non-refundable pet deposit before moving in.


Tenants can move in anytime from nine to five, Monday through Friday. We try to complete the entire process during business hours for everyone’s greater convenience. 


We handle the entire move-in process—from setting the date and inspection to handing over the keys and doing a move-in walk-through.





The move-out process is equally simple. A+ Realty Management disburses or collects last month’s rent, performs check out, gets the tenant’s forwarding address, and processes security claims. We review everything with you to make sure it meets your approval.


And then when your new tenant arrives, we start the process again—making sure move-in and move-out are as easy and streamlined as can be.

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